4 Important Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Your Boston, MA Home

faucet repair bostonBasic plumbing maintenance is an important part of home ownership and can lengthen the life of your fixtures and appliances. But when faced with an unfamiliar appliance, this can be easier said than done.

Read these helpful tips to learn more about what you can do at home to maintain your home’s plumbing and avoid having to call in a professional.

Problems start out small but can become bigger over time if unaddressed. Even a tiny drip in a sink can waste a great deal of water and lead to costly bills. A leak may squander 150 gallons of water per day!

You can prevent these small problems from turning into huge complications by keeping these guidelines in mind when performing simple maintenance procedures.

  1. Know Where to Save Money – Many people make decisions about fixtures and appliances with price as the number one contributing factor. Don’t sacrifice quality for small savings. Finding the cheapest shower head at your local hardware store can seem like a good idea at the register. However, many of the cheapest plumbing models are prone to cracking. Cracks can create leaks that waste water and might even lead to mold and mildew.
  2. Read Your Manuals – Read appliance manuals carefully, especially when installing new appliances. For instance, if you are setting up a new hot water heater and see a pipe coming from the discharge tube, don’t ignore it. Use the instruction guide to hooking up that tube, for, without it, your water will not re-circulate. Re-circulation allows your water to remain warm while in the tank without wasting water. It is an important energy and cost-saving measure.
  3. Examine Tiles – Tiles are often used in backsplashes, showers, and tubs. They function so well where water is prevalent that they often hide signs of water damage. Leaks or drips that you might see on a wall or ceiling can be hidden beneath the tile. It is important to check tiles for water loss. A loose tile might indicate a leak or drip. Occasionally, apply pressure to wobbly tiles to test whether it “gives” at all. If it bends beneath your force, call a plumber.
  4. Periodically Check Flood Openings– Ensure that all overflow holes and flood vents are open. Look for buildup and blockages that might prevent the opening from functioning properly. Periodically inspecting these overflow passages can prevent water damage from flooding and can also avoid flooding complications like mold and mildew.

Many homeowners are skittish when it comes to performing their own plumbing maintenance. Some fear that small complications that arise while executing routine checks could cause major issues with major expenses. But the consequences of not carrying out basic maintenance are even more costly.

Utilize these tips, along with online tutorials and resource materials at your local library to educate yourself on plumbing tasks. Build a skill set that can help you extend the life of your piping system, water fixtures, and appliances.

Tip: if you still need to call a pro for the job, I recommend that you take your time to find local Boston plumbers with adequate training who are licensed and insured instead of settling for fly-by-night contractors to do the work. Call (877) 751 2934 to schedule a visit today.

Fixture Repair and Installation in Independence MO

One thing every homeowner wants is their bathroom and kitchen fixtures working to their best. If you have a busy family, the last thing you need is shoddy fixtures letting you down time and time again.

fixture repair and installation independence MO

There is no point having a working plumbing system without the fixtures. What use is the best pipes without a decent water heater, shower, tap or waste disposal unit? Not only do you want the best kitchen and bathroom fixtures on the market, but you want them to be installed by experienced professionals who you can trust.  Fixture Repair and Installation in Independence MO is easy because there are so many trusted plumbers in the place.

If any of your appliances do break down, there are a couple of handy tips that could save you getting the plumbers in straight away:

  • Leaky tap A leaky tap can really be a pain, however, it needn’t be for long as it can be relatively easy to install some new ones. Firstly you need to unscrew the tap and lift it out of the faucet; next install the new taps from beneath the faucet with the new washers and nuts. You can even use the old pipes meaning this job is a real breeze!
  • Replacing a shower head An old, leaky shower head can really spoil a good, relaxing wash. You don’t need to put up with it for long though, as it is super easy to change the head. Grab yourself a pair of pliers and carefully loosen the nut that connects the shower head to the shower arm. Then simply repeat the process with the new appliance and you’re good to go!

Of course, these are just small jobs, for the bigger jobs, it pays to get the professionals in. If you have any plumbing fixtures that need sorting or you are looking for a complete appliance upgrade – contact your local Independence plumbing expert today.