How To Fix A Running Toilet In Your South FL Home

how-to-fix-a-running-toilet-in-your-South-FL-homeIn my previous post, I’ve talked about the top three causes of a running toilet.  As promised, here’s part two of the blog: the solution, yay!!

I did some research for the best solutions of the problems I posted earlier.  Some are not easy and trust me, I tried!  It’s quite hard to figure out what goes where and so on. However, without further ado,  here they are:

Fixing the Three Common Problems to Your Running Toilet

Your Stuck Flapper

In order to fix this toilet malfunction, simply grab the flapper and securely close it in your hand.  Carry out any required adjustments and it should respond well to this approach.

The Intermittent Filling

The solution for intermittent filling differs based on its root cause; however, the most general method of correcting this is by removing the buildup of mineral and cleaning the tank.  You can also simply replace the flapper to directly fix the problem.

Your Dysfunctional Flapper

Close the valve of the toilet which is frequently located underneath the toilet tank.  Flush the toilet to verify that it is closed.  If the tank refuses to fill up, then this proves that the valve has been successfully closed.

Remove the flapper and the chain and replace it with a new one. Use a finger to remove any mineral you find around the rim of the flapper. Remember to make use of a sponge while replacing the flapper.


If you are still encountering problems and if you couldn’t really fix it, call your local South FL plumber today.   The entire mechanism may be faulty and it’s something you should not attempt to be doing yourself.  You might have to buy a complete new set for your toilet.  Visit to get in touch with a pro to help with the installation and the leaks.

Find out how a toilet works! Watch this video from Ehow.

Top 3 Causes of Running Toilet Problems

running-toiletOkay… there’s water running but it’s not coming from the faucet. You listen closely and it’s coming from — the toilet??!! Can you imagine how much money and H20 is wasted if this problem continues?

Not everyone knows how to resolve running toilet problems, (just LIKE ME) so hiring the services of a local plumber is the fastest and best method of solving the problem.

Some people opt to troubleshoot common plumbing issues by themselves (yaay for them!).  A number of toilet dilemmas can be fixed easily by carrying out some minor tweaks and adjustments and it’s just a matter of knowing what to do and how to do it.  But before doing so, it is best to figure out the cause of all these before carrying on any solution.

Causes Of A Running Toilet

  1. Stuck Flapper

If a toilet tank does not fill to capacity or does not fill up at all, then this could be an indication of a malfunctioning flapper.  A stuck flapper can be a result of many factors which include:

  • The chain not properly catching
  • The wedge of the flapper not properly opening
  • The flapper not aligned properly
  • The flapper is stuck
  1. Intermittent Filling

If the toilet tank is not performing its duties of tank filling, then there may be a slow leak.  In order to confirm this, place a few tablets of food dye in the tank. Do not flush the toilet for at least an hour; if the colored dye shows up in the bowl after the hour has past, this confirms the problem.

  1. A Dysfunctional Flapper

A flapper that is dysfunctional can result in multiple running toilet issues. Hiring the services of a plumber to repair this, particularly when it requires replacement, can frequently cost a lot.

So, have you determined what caused YOUR toilet problem?  I will be posted a part 2 of this blog post shortly, talking about quick solutions to the top 3 causes I wrote above. Stay tuned!

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