Fixture Repair and Installation in Independence MO

One thing every homeowner wants is their bathroom and kitchen fixtures working to their best. If you have a busy family, the last thing you need is shoddy fixtures letting you down time and time again.

fixture repair and installation independence MO

There is no point having a working plumbing system without the fixtures. What use is the best pipes without a decent water heater, shower, tap or waste disposal unit? Not only do you want the best kitchen and bathroom fixtures on the market, but you want them to be installed by experienced professionals who you can trust.  Fixture Repair and Installation in Independence MO is easy because there are so many trusted plumbers in the place.

If any of your appliances do break down, there are a couple of handy tips that could save you getting the plumbers in straight away:

  • Leaky tap A leaky tap can really be a pain, however, it needn’t be for long as it can be relatively easy to install some new ones. Firstly you need to unscrew the tap and lift it out of the faucet; next install the new taps from beneath the faucet with the new washers and nuts. You can even use the old pipes meaning this job is a real breeze!
  • Replacing a shower head An old, leaky shower head can really spoil a good, relaxing wash. You don’t need to put up with it for long though, as it is super easy to change the head. Grab yourself a pair of pliers and carefully loosen the nut that connects the shower head to the shower arm. Then simply repeat the process with the new appliance and you’re good to go!

Of course, these are just small jobs, for the bigger jobs, it pays to get the professionals in. If you have any plumbing fixtures that need sorting or you are looking for a complete appliance upgrade – contact your local Independence plumbing expert today.