4 Important Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Your Boston, MA Home

faucet repair bostonBasic plumbing maintenance is an important part of home ownership and can lengthen the life of your fixtures and appliances. But when faced with an unfamiliar appliance, this can be easier said than done.

Read these helpful tips to learn more about what you can do at home to maintain your home’s plumbing and avoid having to call in a professional.

Problems start out small but can become bigger over time if unaddressed. Even a tiny drip in a sink can waste a great deal of water and lead to costly bills. A leak may squander 150 gallons of water per day!

You can prevent these small problems from turning into huge complications by keeping these guidelines in mind when performing simple maintenance procedures.

  1. Know Where to Save Money – Many people make decisions about fixtures and appliances with price as the number one contributing factor. Don’t sacrifice quality for small savings. Finding the cheapest shower head at your local hardware store can seem like a good idea at the register. However, many of the cheapest plumbing models are prone to cracking. Cracks can create leaks that waste water and might even lead to mold and mildew.
  2. Read Your Manuals – Read appliance manuals carefully, especially when installing new appliances. For instance, if you are setting up a new hot water heater and see a pipe coming from the discharge tube, don’t ignore it. Use the instruction guide to hooking up that tube, for, without it, your water will not re-circulate. Re-circulation allows your water to remain warm while in the tank without wasting water. It is an important energy and cost-saving measure.
  3. Examine Tiles – Tiles are often used in backsplashes, showers, and tubs. They function so well where water is prevalent that they often hide signs of water damage. Leaks or drips that you might see on a wall or ceiling can be hidden beneath the tile. It is important to check tiles for water loss. A loose tile might indicate a leak or drip. Occasionally, apply pressure to wobbly tiles to test whether it “gives” at all. If it bends beneath your force, call a plumber.
  4. Periodically Check Flood Openings– Ensure that all overflow holes and flood vents are open. Look for buildup and blockages that might prevent the opening from functioning properly. Periodically inspecting these overflow passages can prevent water damage from flooding and can also avoid flooding complications like mold and mildew.

Many homeowners are skittish when it comes to performing their own plumbing maintenance. Some fear that small complications that arise while executing routine checks could cause major issues with major expenses. But the consequences of not carrying out basic maintenance are even more costly.

Utilize these tips, along with online tutorials and resource materials at your local library to educate yourself on plumbing tasks. Build a skill set that can help you extend the life of your piping system, water fixtures, and appliances.

Tip: if you still need to call a pro for the job, I recommend that you take your time to find local Boston plumbers with adequate training who are licensed and insured instead of settling for fly-by-night contractors to do the work. Call (877) 751 2934 to schedule a visit today.

Who to Call for Water Heater Replacement in Coconut Creek FL

water heater replacement coconut creek

Water heaters play a big role in our plumbing systems. Sure, there are places that hardly need the use of water heaters. But here in Coconut Creek FL, you can live without water heaters, but you will have to endure icy cold showers from time to time. That is not fun at all, and it could pose a threat to your health. If you do have a water heater in your home, what happens if it gets damaged? How do you repair a water heater? First of all, what kind of water heater do you have at home? The electric water heaters have longer life span compared to the gas-powered water heaters. This detail is very important if you call for a water heater replacement expert from Coconut Creek FL.

The licensed technicians of Coconut Creek FL will assess the damage first and see if it can be repaired or not. In worst cases when repair is not advisable anymore, you will have to replace the water heater you have. There are several things you have to consider before purchasing a water heater for your home. If your house is large and a lot of people are using the water, it is better to choose a tank-type water heater. It holds more volume of water compared to the tankless water heater. It is also less expensive. On the downside, this type of water heater takes a longer time to heat the water.

On the other hand, a tankless water heater is suitable for homes which are a lot smaller and has less space. It is more compact as well. However, when it comes to the price, it is more expensive. The cheapest model of a tankless water heater costs $1000. It can also heat up water quicker than the tank type water heater.

Affordable Bathroom Remodeling for Your Olathe KS Home

licensed plumber olatheOne of the most exciting activities you can have for your home is a makeover project for the rooms in it. People usually do a room makeover for their bedrooms. However, if you are feeling a bit practical and somehow adventurous, you can start to do a remodeling project for your bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom nowadays is not just merely for making it look better. There are fixtures which can be bought that has worthy purposes such as saving the water that comes out of the shower head. There are also even some toilets which flush less water, depending on your need. For the theme or concept for your bathroom remodeling, choose a theme which suits your personality, and of course, the budget that you have for your project.

The professionals you should call for this kind of project are the Olathe licensed contractors. They can easily be contacted through their hotline numbers. Before starting the project, the plumbers will most likely go to your house first, assess and give you the quote for the project. You must honestly talk to these plumbers how you want your bathroom to look like, and how much you can afford for the total bathroom makeover. They are the bathroom remodeling experts of Olathe, which means they already know what they are doing and they can adjust to the homeowners’ budget if needed. These contractors are also the ones you should ask if you are unsure of where to buy the fixtures needed for your bathroom. They can provide places where you can get affordable fixtures but with high quality.

If you have a kid in your home, you should make sure that your bathroom is child-friendly. There are certain bathroom accessories which can make the toilets and the sinks accessible for the children. Consider also the color choice for your bathroom if you have children. Some choose pastel hues to create a more child-friendly place.

Who To Call for Toilet Installation in Fort Lauderdale

fort lauderdale licensed plumber

If you ever considered to have your bathroom remodeled, there are several things to consider. One is to think of what design of bathroom you would want to do. The next thing is the home remodeling expert in Fort Lauderdale who can help you. The last thing you need to consider is the total budget you have for your bathroom makeover. When I decided to do something different to my bathroom, I saved a lot for it, around 1 year or so. If you want something basic and if you are on a tight budget, you will need around $15,000 or so. However, if you are planning to do something luxurious for your bathroom, it would amount up to $50,000.

The licensed contractors of Fort Lauderdale are trained to assess the total cost of a bathroom remodeling project. They are very transparent when it comes to these circumstances. It is the customer’s choice on how much the total project will amount to. You can ask these plumbers on where to get the fixtures and other things needed when remodeling a bathroom. The toilets are also important, and as well as the sinks that come with it. There are home depots that offer a discount when purchasing a matched sink, toilet and shower.

The plumbers can tell you where to get the fixtures at a lower price without sacrificing the quality of the product. Remember to call for a licensed plumber to do the project. Do not let yourself get the services of shady plumbers. There are instances when fixtures are not correctly installed. Avoid problems in the future such as toilets which easily get clogged, or even fixtures that get easily dislodged. You can avoid such circumstances when you choose to get the services of a toilet installation Fort Lauderdale expert.

Cambridge Plumbing Expert’s Guide on Toilet Seat Bumpers Care

cambridge professional plumber

You surely have read my blog posts about water-saving tips, toilet care, water heater care and all the other plumbing topics I have talked about. But I just realized that I left out one unnoticed and often disregarded part of the toilet — the toilet seat bumpers. These are little plastic pieces under the toilet seat that are responsible for keeping less than an inch of distance between the seat and toilet bowl itself. It may not be as important to you as the other parts of your toilet but it is surely valuable just the same. It allows you to clean your toilet seat and also prevents damage to the bowl. So if your toilet bumpers aren’t there anymore, then it’s time to get some replacement. Here’s a quick guide to help you:

How to Install Toilet Seat Bumpers

Dampen a rag under warm water. Lift up the toilet seat. Scrub around the bumpers to clean the area. Slide the flathead screwdriver underneath the old bumper. Push against it until it pops out. If the bumper was screwed in, slide the flathead underneath the small circular cover in the center of the bumper and pop it out. Unscrew the attached screw, if used on your bumper. Set it aside. Repeat this on the other bumper. Remove both bumpers and discard them.

Now that you know how to install new toilet seat bumpers, it’s time to recall proper toilet cleaning. Remember, care and maintenance are important in keeping whatever fixture and appliance we have at home in tip-top shape. Just remember to do the cleaning carefully to prevent damaging the parts. With this being said, let me share with you a detailed step-by-step guide on proper toilet care:

How to Clean a Toilet

Cleaning a toilet is a task that often gets postponed, but it’s essential to keep toilets clean. A dirty toilet will look bad, smell bad and breed germs. However, as with many of life’s less pleasant tasks, cleaning your toilet now can save you headaches later. With these instructions, you’ll get through this task quickly and efficiently.

Remove items from atop and around the toilet. Before you begin, clear the toilet of things that may obstruct you while cleaning – tissue boxes, photos, etc.. Because you want to give the toilet a thorough cleaning, you’ll need to be able to reach every nook and cranny.

Just follow the Cambridge plumbing expert’s guide on toilet seat bumpers care and you’ll surely lengthen the life of your toilet.


How to Avoid Sewer Repair in Cambridge, MA

licensed plumber cambridgeOne of the most underappreciated plumbing systems parts is the sewer. No one really wants to take a look at it or even smell what’s inside it. However, if proper maintenance is not done, or maybe acts of nature can also be involved, there are times that it gets damaged. A damaged sewer needs immediate sewer repair. It could be costly and it needs more manpower. So how do you avoid such events?

You need to have a routine sewer inspection done by professional plumbers of Cambridge. These plumbers know what they are looking for and they know if a sewer needs to be fixed or if a part of the plumbing system should be replaced. There are several causes of damage to the sewer lines. If you are residing in an old home, make sure that it gets checked by an expert. Before, waste disposal was dependent on cesspools. Years after that, sewer lines were attached, however, the cesspools are still there. Because of the decades that have passed, cesspools may have disintegrated and could cause damage to the sewers.

Tree roots can also be a problem to sewers. While we have no control over how tree roots grow in the underground, make sure that your sewers get checked because the roots may grow directly into the sewers. It could block the drainage and cause more problems. Remember to call for a professional to do either the sewer maintenance or the sewer repair for you. They have the right equipment to do the job and at the same time, they have loads of experience doing this already.

The Professional You Can Trust for Water Heater Repair in Rockville

licensed plumber rockvilleProblems with the water heater are not uncommon. And most of the time, people have no idea how to deal with it. The problems you may encounter include, but not limited to an uncontrollable increase and decrease in the temperature of the water and water getting a lot of water wasted. If the damage is too much, and repair can’t do anything about it, a replacement of the water heater is a need.

Like most electrical appliance you have at home, a regular preventive maintenance helps in keeping a water heater in a good working condition. The one who does this regular maintenance is a licensed contractor from Rockville. These plumbers are skilled with these jobs that you won’t have to worry that there will be something wrong about it. There are several ways water heater can be damaged. One is the buildup of sediments. The water that we have isn’t purely water. It has sediments that can become lime deposits and contribute to a narrower passage for the water.

Make sure that you contact the plumber whom you trust the most. If you don’t have any idea on the water heater repair Rockville expert to call, it is best that you ask your neighbors and your relatives who are nearby. It is most likely that they will recommend an expert on water heater repair from Rockville. They have years of experience and there are highly trained for these kinds of jobs and other plumbing jobs.

Who to Call for Toilet Installation in Kansas City

kansas city licensed plumberI have planned for a bathroom remodeling since I saw a display of modern bathrooms in one of the entrepreneur events at a convention center. I saw how gorgeous the bathrooms were. Aside from looking very modern, some of the fixtures feature on these events claim to be very efficient when it comes to saving up on your water bill. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? A modern-looking bathroom and you can save money from it?

I knew I needed a toilet installation expert in Kansas City. They are the ones who specialize in modern design home remodeling. They don’t charge just yet when they come to your house for the first time, as they simply give you a quote on how much the total project would cost you. I would be very honest with this, bathroom remodeling is not cheap. I had to think twice, thrice and more before I went on and gave them the go signal for the project.

I had to put my trust on the local plumbing professionals of Kansas City. Because if I wanted to save money and opted to have the services of unreliable plumbers, I might not get the results that I want. I made the right choice, my bathroom looked gorgeous than ever. Thanks to these plumbers, I knew every penny spent for the toilet installation Kansas City expert was worth it.

Who to Call for Toilet Installation in Boston

licensed plumber BostonSome things are just not meant to last forever. And that includes your toilet. Your toilet may have been with you for years, and now it has broken down. Or maybe you just want to replace it with a newer, more fashionable one. Hey, fashionable toilets nowadays. Do you know how to replace your toilet? I think not! You may think that you can but only do so if you are a legit plumber. But if not, please don’t rely on what the internet says. If you are unsure, just don’t do it.

To lessen your stress, toilet installation expert in Boston is just a phone call away. See? If you tried to do it yourself, you might have done an OK job, but it can also be possible that you might cost yourself a few extra hundred dollars for doing the wrong thing. Now, we wouldn’t want that, would we? An expert is who you should trust. How would you now if the plumber you are going to get is not a shady one? Ask your neighbors and friends. Ask them who they trust, and the company of the plumbers that they rely on.

The local plumbing experts of Boston are all licensed. They have been in the industry for years. The experience that they have can say that they are really worth it, and how they perform their jobs are concrete proofs. Don’t hesitate to invest in your plumbing. You’ll know they are worth it when you are not calling these plumbers every week for your plumbing problem.

How Services on Sewer Repair in Overland Park Can Help You

overland park licensed plumberOne of the most precious moments in one’s life is getting a new home. How your house looks in the inside and outside depends on your needs. However, the physical appearance of homes is not the only ones that you check whenever you are planning to have your own house. The plumbing system is an integral part of any building. It is very costly to repair problems involving your plumbing. A damaged sewer is not the kind of problem you want to see – or smell. Services on sewer repair in Overland Park is the answer to your problem in case you are in that kind of stinky situation.

The local Overland Park plumbers are always on the go whenever there are emergency calls such as this. In case you don’t have a sewer problem yet, it is most useful to have these same plumbers to do a sewer inspection service for you. Having your sewer inspected is less expensive than having it repaired.

Common Causes of Sewer Damage Calling for Sewer Repair Overland Park

  • Incorrect installation of pipes. This happens more often than not if the plumbers who installed the sewer lines are not professionals.
  • Sewage build-up. Regular maintenance can prevent this kind of problem. The buildup of sewage on the walls of the septic tank and its pipes are unavoidable.
  • Accidental damage. It could be caused by anything from planting trees to installing swimming pools and manmade ponds.

Watch this video on sewer repair which you might find very interesting.